About Us


LINCOLN Presbyterian Church

What is Presbyterianism?

Lincoln Presbyterian Church plant is a consciously Evangelical, Reformed and Presbyterian work.

We are Evangelical because we believe in the good news of Jesus Christ.  There is a gap between God and people, but Jesus Christ bridges this gap.  The reason for this gap is because of the sin of mankind.  No matter what one has done in the past, no matter where one comes from, no matter who one comes from, if you turn to Jesus Christ and place your trust and faith in Him, then your sins will be forgiven and you will be reconciled to God.

We are Reformed because we believe that the Reformed tradition most clearly and most accurately expresses the Biblical truths about God.  In essence, to be Reformed means that we believe that God is great and strong and good, and that we can trust Him.

We are Presbyterian because we believe that the Bible shows the Church is connected with other churches and that the leadership of the church is governed by elders.  This means that Lincoln Presbyterian Church plant is not a solo work.  We are connected with the other churches of like faith and practice.  We have a special relationship with Sheffield Presbyterian Church who planted the church.  Sheffield Presbyterian Church and others give accountability, encouragement and fellowship to us.

Finally, though we are seeking to establish a new church in Lincoln, what we are doing is not really new at all.  Rather, we are looking to recover something that is old and has a full tradition and history.  We believe in the authority of the Bible.  We also look to Reformed confessions for guidance, particularly the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechism.  These documents have a rich place in the history of the church, and especially so in England.  We look forward to seeing a growing recovery of the Westminster Confession of Faith.